The Bible teaches that each local church should be led by a plurality (Acts 14:23, 20:17, 1 Timothy 4:14, 1 Timothy 5:17, Titus 1:5, James 5:1) of godly men called elders (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9). While church elders are very imperfect people, having church leadership is important because God’s people need to be fed God’s word, led into truth, and protected from error.



After hearing a church talk on prayer aged 10, Jonathan realised he didn’t have a living relationship with God. Wonderfully that evening his Mum faithfully led him to trust in Christ. But it wasn’t until his years at the University of Birmingham that the Gospel really took hold. Through the example and discipleship of loving Christian friends, and through weekly expositional preaching from faithful pastors, he really began to grow as a Christian. By the end of his Biological Sciences degree and after the experience of leading the University Christian Union, he began to think seriously about full-time Gospel ministry. He consequently became a Ministry Trainee at City Evangelical Church, Birmingham.


Seeing the opportunity to both tell young people the Gospel and hone his teaching skills, he began training as a teacher in 2005. After completing his PGCE he worked in a prep school for three years. During this period he was given greater opportunities to preach at church, school chapel, and at various Titus Trust and Venture summer camps. In 2009 he decided to leave Birmingham for Washington, DC to train and subsequently join the staff at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC).

In 2012, he left CHBC for Oak Hill Theological College, London. Halfway through this degree time he was asked if he would consider becoming the pastor of Kew Baptist Church. He now serves at Kew Baptist full-time, while finishing his theological degree on a part-time basis.

Jonathan lives in Kew with his wife, Sarah, and their three young children.



Brandon heard the Gospel regularly as a child from faithful Sunday school teachers and the loving discipleship of his parents. He professed faith in Christ at a young age and was baptised as a believer. Throughout his years in high school and at university, his love of the Gospel grew as he served as a student leader in his youth group, was mentored by faithful bible teachers, and participated in various evangelistic and cross-cultural mission activities.



Brandon married his wife, Christa, in 2003. Together, they considered whether they were called to full-time ministry work. This led to their service with a Baptist mission organisation in France for two years. While serving there, they concluded that while they loved the church and longed to see the Gospel growing throughout the world, they were perhaps better suited to working ‘normal’ jobs and serving as lay members in a local church.

These desires led Brandon to study at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received an MA in Theological Studies, and also led him to pursue graduate studies in international finance and development at Johns Hopkins University. Following his studies, Brandon worked in Washington DC, served their church as a deacon, and sought opportunities to move overseas and join with like-minded Christians to plant or revitalise a church. In 2014, he accepted a job in London and joined Kew Baptist Church, where he now serves as a lay elder.

Brandon lives in Kew with his wife, Christa, and their two sons.


DAVID, Pastoral Assistant

David grew up in a Christian family and professed faith in Christ as a boy after his mum told him the Gospel and he was baptised some years later as a young teenager. However, shortly after he was baptised he decided to leave church and spent a number of years backsliding. While working in the music industry in his early twenties, David went through a difficult year which led him to go back to church for the first time in over six years where, after repenting of his years of backsliding, he recommitted his life to Christ. He then began to read and study the Bible for the first time and, together with finding the works of the Puritans and other theologians of the Reformed tradition, quickly became gripped by the truths of the Gospel and found a greater love for Christ than ever before.









It was during this time that David also met his wife Lucia and they got married in 2013. After spending some time interning at their previous church, pursuing some theological studies and having their daughter, in mid 2016 David and his family decided to move to Kew to join Kew Baptist Church where he currently serves as the pastoral assistant as well as studying biblical counselling at Oak Hill Theological College, London.

David lives in Kew with his wife, Lucia, and their daughter.