Growing in the Gospel is another important way of glorifying God. Christians are not only to believe the Gospel, but to grow in its life-changing power. In fact, because every Christian will struggle with sin until they die, every Christian needs to keep remembering the transforming good news of Christ. Growing in the Gospel comes as a result of carefully listening to others who teach it (Ephesians 4:15), and also by humbly imitating those who are gripped by it (Hebrews 13:7). When the members of church neglect to grow others in the Gospel, the church often stagnates. But, when a church tries to build a culture of discipleship, where Christians can grow in godliness, the church thrives and God is glorified.

Practical Outworking: Growing Organically

At Kew Baptist Church we purposely don’t have a lot of programmes running throughout the week. We want people to use their spare time to be witnesses to their friends, and to meet with other Christians to encourage them, read the Bible with them, and pray with them.