Welcome to Kew Baptist Church!

Whether you’re considering joining us on a Sunday, or simply browsing our site to find out who we are, we hope you find our website helpful.

Kew Baptist Church exists to glorify God by sowing the Gospel, growing in the Gospel, and looking to plant the Gospel.

This Gospel is the good news that we read about in Bible, which explains that God, our holy and loving creator, sent his perfect Son, Jesus Christ, to take the just punishment we deserve for our rebellion against Him, so that our broken relationship with Him and others might be wonderfully restored.

As a result, Kew Baptist Church comprises of people who:

  • Love God, and his amazing grace, which is displayed perfectly in the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • Love God’s Word, the Bible, which is our final authority for all we believe and do together.
  • Love God’s family, the church, whom we seek to serve spiritually and practically.

Nevertheless, Kew Baptist Church still comprises of people who:

  • are diverse. At Kew Baptist Church you will find a great variety of ages, backgrounds, nationalities, life situations, and occupations. We believe that diversity in a local church reflects the power of the Gospel to break down any worldly barrier.
  • are failures. Kew Baptist Church is a needy community in a needy community. We believe that a faithful proclamation of the Gospel will always remind us all of our moral, spiritual, and physical frailty, and therefore the importance of humbly relying upon God together.

If you are interested in finding out more please do join us on any given Sunday. If you’d like to, you can listen to one of our recent sermons on our website. Alternatively, for any further information please contact us.